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Javelin m24 problems

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Hi, I bought an m24 along with the echo 1 asr upgrade kit. I was told it was the same as the UTG upgrade kit which was APS2 compatible. I swapped the stock parts for the new and encountered a problem. The gun starts to slam fire, I suspect because the trigger sear is not engaging the piston. Sometimes it holds, and sometimes it doesn't. Whilst moving the bolt back and forward, it feels as if it's scraping against something, and there are scratches on the cylinder. I swapped out the upgrade parts for the stock ones and voila, the gun functions perfectly. What could be causing this problem?

PS: If anyone could link me to a good disassembly video for the m24, I would be very grateful.
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If the sears are stock I would say they are wearing down, and not able to catch the new piston.
I didn't want to make a new thread and I've a similar problem. Though my M24 doesn't slam fire. When I pull the bolt enough for the piston sear to engage the piston normally and push the bolt back and try to shoot, nothing happens. Then when I pull the bolt back again and give it a little extra "nudges" and push it back, it fires normally. I know it's a trigger problem, but I've opened and checked it multiple times and there's nothing wrong.

Any ideas? Could it be some of the springs in the trigger?
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