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Javelin Works M24 Project

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Okay this is the second I am doing this post for my browser shut off the second I was about to post it, haha. Here we go again. I purchased this rifle, along with a tight bore barrel that Airsoft Gi told me would fit nicely, they couldn
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Have you thought about teflon taping the cylinder head? Its an easy mod that can help increase air seal.

Other than that, looks good. I love seeing what people do to their rifles to make them perform at their best. You're off to a very good start, keep up the good work ;)

Edit: Just noticed this is in the gallery section. I am going to move this to the "others" section as most of us post our individual projects in its dedicated section. Feel free to continue to post pictures there, just seems like it would be a better fit in the "other" section. PM me if you have any questions regarding this.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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