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Jaybritish tutorial sniper videos what do you think

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Has anybody watched any of his videos?? i have been looking through some of them and BOY can this guy vanish! even using no ghillie at all.
I must admit the guy is good, very good at concealment, even his spray painting has got to be one of the best i have ever seen on youtube! the periscope is my favourate :yup: if you look close you can just see the opening, i would guess from airsoft distance you would not see this at all, a point he made in the next clip when its used in the forest. I noticed that a lot of videos were pulled for some reason as well :( it got me thinking what have i missed and why have they vanished?? to tech for the average airsoft player? so i went looking around on the net, it does indeed appear that there were links to videos called concealed shooter none of which work now:doh: What ever the reason they were pulled i look forward to many more :)) already my follow up shots have yelded a better hit ratio than i had before also the amount that i had to bolt the gun has vastly reduced. This means less movement, also less noise which is always a good thing when trying to pick off players and less BB`s used per game :) anyways let me know what you think :tup:

Jaybritish Airsoft Tutorails - YouTube
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I watched all his vids. They're pretty good. He's damn good in concealment. But sometimes he sounds a little bit arrogant though. Just my opinion. But I really like his videos. Looking forward for some more ingame videos. :)
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