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Jeep's introduction (photo heavy)

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I have many hobbies, Garden scale trains, four jeeps (mostly broken),table top miniture games, scale military modeling, outdoor activiteis including rock climbing, and professional white water raft guiding. However I picked up airsoft two years ago and milsim painball three or four years ago. What brought me to this forum was searching for TM VSR guides as I bought a used one with issues: Anyway onto to the photos.

Yes, the water was cold)

Well how do I pay for all these toys? I work my ass off! I work full time as a driver/dock worker, I work part time guiding, I work part time cleaning up HAZMAT spills (see below) and I go to school part time for architecture.

Oh, forgot to mention: Paint ball markers
Tippman A5 UMP shroud
Tippman A5 with B5 bullpup mod
Tippman A5 Opsgear SAW shroud
Smartparts ION moded as a sniper rifle
Tiberious TAC 8 mag fed paint pistol

AIrsoft replicas include"
Cheap clone mp5sd5, X2 M4s, UTG AK47, TDS RPK, TM M14, Tm VSR 10, Echo 1 MP5A4 modified for ROF and CQB, KWA glock 17

Added: CA M14, Echo1 M16a4hybrid with G&P M203, TM M16A1, Airsharp M2 HMG (if it ever ships its been 6 months :( ) and a forth coming STAR M60E4 (shipping) The collection grows and grows
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... How do you have time for all that stuff... lol. Nice pictures by the way.
Eww. Paintball. But hell, MilSim is MilSim and we do what we love. Your life sounds like it has its bad-ass moments and its relaxing times filled with alot of adventure and fun. Nothing is worth having if its not worth earing. Nice pictures and best of luck to ya. Where do you live?

Also, did you get all the information you needed with the VSR? Or did you still need help?
Welcome to the boards mate, good pictures you got there.

I love my Wrangler, it may not be that fast, but they sure are a lot of fun to drive.

welcome to the boards!
Those paintball guns are extreme as hell, Its nice to see there is hope for milsim paintball in the future.
I didn't know they made shrouds like that, pretty sweet. I like your trucks.

A paintball pistol?!?!
I didn't even know they existed! How many paint balls do they hold. Like 5. Hehe. I'd like to see a picture up close, just for kicks, and the heavy machine paintball gun is awesome too. (what is it, a M249, M60 or what, I'm not familiar with it).

Cool collection even though you do play paint ball ;). Stick with airsoft and I hope you find airsoft Sniping to be more fun than paint ball and then transfer to airsoft. Just kidding! Do what you want to do.

By the way I love Whitewater river rafting and other outdoor activities too(camping, swimming, rock climbing, cliff diving, yes cliff diving and backpacking) The Summer of 2009 I'm actually going on a 70 mile backpacking trip and I can't wait!

Keep up all the activities, there all equally fun!
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Opsgear makes the paintball shrouds mostly for tippman markers either 98,A5s or X7s. Check out and (forums cover both paintball and airsoft) You may also want to check out OSOK paintball sniper forum at . I do play both airsoft 3 yrs and milsim paintball, 7yrs. I can not stand speedball or rec ball that is over run with the blue power ranger (paintball jerseys...........yuk) The Tiberious TAC 8 is magazine fed, each magazine holds 1 12 gram CO2 cartridge and 8 68 cal paintballs My TAC vest holds 5 mags for the TAC 8, the tac 8 holster and 13 pod of paint plus radios camel bak, utility pouchs and first aid kits.

The heavy machine guns is a Tippman A5 with 2 cap. However it does like 9.6volt batteries. (the metal gears may put enough friction to not get the best performance out of small 8.4 v batteries but I have not cracked it open to find out yet. IN my case mine is waiting for a new after market metal body because it was inadvertently stepped on by another player last time I went to a big game in NOV snapping the stock off. Mine chronoes between 350 and 370 fps depending on temperature. It is a BB hose with a 9.6 battery. I include this just in case you still want a RPK. The alternative is a aftermarket body kit for a TM AK replica these run $600 or so. Since the RPK is down for repair I am carrying a mp5a4 with my TM M14. The mp5a4, upgraded to high rate of fire with Systema hi speed gears, a down graded spring and metal ballbearing bushings. I also usually carry a KWA GBB glock. I will probably substitute the M14 with the VSR 10 when I go one to the field sniping. More images are in this thread on this board

Taken at the last big game at held at the end of Nov with c3 airsoft.
you can see the mp5a4, and the glock in its drop leg. I carried a RPK and a M14 onto the field. This was during the pre briefing before the game so I have not dressed the ghillie yet. I was a assistant platoon leader with fourth platoon. During the big game there was two teams divided into 4 platoons, Each platoon was divided into 2 to 3 squads of 8 to 12 players. The whole paintball field property was played as one big field.
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