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Jeep's introduction (photo heavy)

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I have many hobbies, Garden scale trains, four jeeps (mostly broken),table top miniture games, scale military modeling, outdoor activiteis including rock climbing, and professional white water raft guiding. However I picked up airsoft two years ago and milsim painball three or four years ago. What brought me to this forum was searching for TM VSR guides as I bought a used one with issues: Anyway onto to the photos.

Yes, the water was cold)

Well how do I pay for all these toys? I work my ass off! I work full time as a driver/dock worker, I work part time guiding, I work part time cleaning up HAZMAT spills (see below) and I go to school part time for architecture.

Oh, forgot to mention: Paint ball markers
Tippman A5 UMP shroud
Tippman A5 with B5 bullpup mod
Tippman A5 Opsgear SAW shroud
Smartparts ION moded as a sniper rifle
Tiberious TAC 8 mag fed paint pistol

AIrsoft replicas include"
Cheap clone mp5sd5, X2 M4s, UTG AK47, TDS RPK, TM M14, Tm VSR 10, Echo 1 MP5A4 modified for ROF and CQB, KWA glock 17

Added: CA M14, Echo1 M16a4hybrid with G&P M203, TM M16A1, Airsharp M2 HMG (if it ever ships its been 6 months :( ) and a forth coming STAR M60E4 (shipping) The collection grows and grows
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... How do you have time for all that stuff... lol. Nice pictures by the way.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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