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JG Bar-10 Accuracy Probs

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First off, I am new to sniping. I recently bought a JG Bar-10 rifle. I like everything about it, except for the accuracy. I measured my shooting distances, and the rifle is perfectly accurate at 105 feet. However, at 150 feet, the rifle is very inconsistent. The scope has been dialed (at least, the best it can), but it is still shooting pretty bad. On occasion, I will have a shot spin off to the left or the right, hitting up to 10 feet away from the target. I've read that with this gun, I should be able to hit a head sized target from 150 feet. That is not the case. I am using .25 High Impact Crosman BBs. Is it possible it is the BBs? I doubt that, as they are seamless and appear perfect in shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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It gets stuck because of the trigger mech. It uses a 45 degree system which pushes the piston against the cylinder and makes it extremely hard to fix. This is a very easy, but expensive fix. All you would need to do is get a 90 degree system. pdi v-trigger, laylax zero trigger, action army zero trigger and s-trigger are all great options. Just remember that you also need to change the piston to a 90 degree system.

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I think I'll go with a replacement. It seems I've got a stock lemon.
I didn't want to start a new thread just for this, seeing as how it'll show up in new posts anyhow.

I'm considering purchasing nineball bucking for my bar 10 (once repairs are done) to see if that will improve accuracy. How much, if at all, does this type of bucking improve the accuracy?

I'm not trying to sound like an idiot, but what exactly does a bucking do? it holds the bb in place before firing, right? and would I have to make any mods to my gun in order to accommodate this bucking? and how do I even install it? and i'm not even sure whether I should go with firefly or nineball. those two are all I hear people talking about.

sorry about all the questions, any help would be appreciated.
The Nineball buckings are fantastic. Many people swear by them.

It must be the design of the Nineballs, a better shape bucking simply gives the bb a more centred flight path and back spin..all that jazz. Less is more in the overall design of a bucking i'd say, hence why the R/IR/ER-Hops are so good.

I bought the FireFly first, and the Nineball is better, like way better. Great consistency.

If you have never installed your own bucking, then just jump on youtube Mili, its very easy. Getting a perfect air seal...not so easy. : )
thanks, Boosted! I'll order the nineball as soon as my gun comes in.
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