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JG Bar-10: Advice and options

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Iv'e been scouring the internet for at least a month looking for a good starter rifle. I'm new to sniping and would appreciate some info on the Bar-10 such as good platform, cost friendly (for a sniper rifle), stock performance, yada yada yada. Is there another rifle out there that would be recomended by some of the more experianced snipers?
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If you want cheep and reasonable performance thats easy to upgrade then JG BAR-10 is your best bet.

If you have money to burn, want cuedos and is easy to upgrade, get a TM VSR

If you have money to burn, want cuedos, and fancy a chalenge when upgrading, get a CA M24

Or you could go 'gas', which is whole other ball game and better answered by some of the other boys who do 'gas' ;)
Not forgeting a fluted barrel in an airsoft gun will be a bitch to fit cheap/home made barrel spacers to securely :-/
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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