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JG Bar-10: Advice and options

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Iv'e been scouring the internet for at least a month looking for a good starter rifle. I'm new to sniping and would appreciate some info on the Bar-10 such as good platform, cost friendly (for a sniper rifle), stock performance, yada yada yada. Is there another rifle out there that would be recomended by some of the more experianced snipers?
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Well I will throw my $.02 in since I happen to have a couple of Bar-10 in house..... ;)

Rifle #1 (As it is now)
M-Trigger (older model)
6.01 430mm (swapping for a 6.03 soon)
Polarstar 90 degree piston
Airsoft GI metal spring guide
170 Spring
Stock Hop up unit
Gaurder hard rubber bucking
3-12x40 Illuminated scope (swapping for a 50mm R/G soon)

All targets below are full sized torso targets..

Chronoed 476 with .36 and is a hell of a gun if I do say so. I just passed a rifle qualification and one of the targets was 180' through very heavy brush and it cut its way through and hit the target with a nice smack. Reason for the 2 swaps I have planned is I'm moving up to a 530mm barrel length and under the canopy the 50mm will help with gathering light. At 200' I had almost level flight landing 5 of 5 within 8" of each other so I do not think 250' is out of the question with enough impact to let someone know they have been hit. Cost of upgrades was under $300 since I bought the second gun with the M-Trigger in it for cheap.

Gun #2 Don't ask... ;)
It is a mismatch of parts with broken sears since the stock ones didn't like the 170 spring.... but my plans are..
Laylax sears across the board
170 spring
Airsoft GI piston
Metal spring guide
6.03 530 mm barrel
Custom top down hop up unit (still work in progress)
Custom stock work
3-9x50 R/G scope

So basically for just a little more than the cost of some of the higher end guns I have one that is a very nice and highly accurate rifle. The other gun cost will be higher since I plan on having some custom machine work and doing some major tweaks.

Stock the guns were good out to about 150' (3 out of 5) after that it was hit and miss. There are a lot of DIY upgrades you can do right out of the box for pennies that will get you out to 200' but not with any real consistency.

So in conclusion yes I think for a budget minded person the Bar-10 is a good starting platform.
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1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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