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JG Bar-10: Advice and options

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Iv'e been scouring the internet for at least a month looking for a good starter rifle. I'm new to sniping and would appreciate some info on the Bar-10 such as good platform, cost friendly (for a sniper rifle), stock performance, yada yada yada. Is there another rifle out there that would be recomended by some of the more experianced snipers?
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I cannot help you with experience in shooting a bar10 upgraded but here is airsoftatlanta's vsr-10 parts: . They have everything you will need when you do decide to upgrade your rifle. Just look around the forum if you have any questions as to what different upgrade parts do. Off the top of my head, you should look into getting a new piston, piston head, cylinder, cylinder head, zero trigger or sears, tightbore barrel, and new hop up chamber and bucking. Also, for externals, a new bolt handle, and fluted outer barrel. Not everything on my list here is necessary, its just to give you an idea. Look around at the link I gave you, and you will see just how many things there are to buy :)

Ok, I am not very good with the vsr's but I know a few things. Alot of these upgrades are similar in function to those of the l96. They just are not compatible with the vsr's. To answer as best I can...
1. Fluted outer barrel: I believe it is better quality making it more durable.
2. You are correct in saying the bolt would be useful for when you upgrade to a heavier spring. This is to make it more durable to prevent it from breaking.
3. is what I believe you are referring to. I do not know much about it, but I believe other vsr users have this. Laylax is great, I use alot of their parts in my rifle.
4. I never put the spring guide stopper in the category as a sear. Maybe I am wrong. Either way, that would also increase durability when using a more powerful spring just like the trigger and piston sears will. I put a trigger sear in mine until I can get a zero trigger in the future. It really made trigger pull easier and smoother. But its totally up to you. Here is a link to a sears set (out of stock at the moment, but its just to give you an idea) : They also have some of the bolt action upgrades for your rifle if you want to look their too.
5. For the spring guide, I totally missed that. I am terribly sorry. I was just naming things off the top of my head, but yeah that would be good to get. I know that in the l96's, there is a 7mm and 9mm spring guide that are necessary depending on power. Not sure about the vsr's but just wanted to give you a heads up.

Hopefully someone can give you some more detailed info. I am just trying to help you get started off. I bet Vindi will either give more info or clear up some things that I cannot for you. :)

Hope this helped somewhat ;)

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I did some searching, and found this forum with what seems to be like the answer.;topic=78925.0

If you are going to buy a zero trigger I would just go with the orange piston because that is made specifically for the zero trigger and its sears.

Here is a thread that talks about the neo (red) piston and the bar10. It says some things about the degrees of the stock sears in a bar 10, and what degree sears the neo piston works with.

But, maybe someone with experience can fill you in on the neo (red) piston, and whether it would be a good buy or not. From what I read, you would have to buy some new sears for the neo piston to work, as the stock sears in a bar 10 are 45 degrees. Although, Atlanta states that the neo piston works with "standard sears". Whether or not that means stock sears, or other sears that can upgrade your rifle, I do not know. I would call them, and clarify that with them. They should tell you what you need. Remember to get the guys name after you talk to him. That way if you have any problems, you know who it was that you had talked to.

Hope this helped.

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Yeah, I read somewhere that the fluted barrel serves no purpose in airsoft like it does with real firearms. However, wouldn't the fluted barrel be higher quality than a cheap clone's outer barrel that comes produced by the 1,000s? Thus, making the fluted barrel a more durable barrel. Its just a thought.

I agree with TM and Maruzen being very solid and reliable and all, but you do know that the Bar-10 is a clone of the tokyo marui, not an actual tokyo marui rifle.
I am currently doing the same thing :) Only working with a utg mk96 instead of a bar-10. Good luck, I know it'll take some time before I can get all the bits and pieces. ;)
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