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JG Bar-10: Advice and options

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Iv'e been scouring the internet for at least a month looking for a good starter rifle. I'm new to sniping and would appreciate some info on the Bar-10 such as good platform, cost friendly (for a sniper rifle), stock performance, yada yada yada. Is there another rifle out there that would be recomended by some of the more experianced snipers?
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As a recommendation about other rifles... I got a VSR clone (the HFC) for about $90 planning to use it as a project gun, not sure what it shot stock as it was pre-owned and sold through pyramid airguns, but....... 3 weeks ago I got an Echo1 ASR and I love it!

I got it off of AirsoftGI for $110 with their free shipping and then 10% off that with one of their coupon codes. The things I liked were that it shoots 450-470 out of the box and it comes with a bipod.
After I got it I found a few more things I liked. The receiver is all metal, over all the guns has a very nice weight and is solid, which meant no dealing with foam to fill the stock. The cylinder head was already tapered and the stock barrel was a 6.06 (now it is a polished 6.01). For a more detailed list of things that I did you can go here:

Since that thread kind of died I have done a few things that have made the rifle more accurate.
1. I added a spring spacer (have put about 3-400 rounds through it and i check the sears regularly and its still solid)
2. put in a firefly hop up bucking. for out of the box performance I would say that the stock bucking is just OK... I tore a hole through it really fast after i installed the spacer and was using .43s
3. i did end up taking a file to the hop up arm as suggested at the end of that thread, that gave me enough adjustment to account for .36s and .43s.
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