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JG BAR 10 Air brake Mod

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Has anyone tried this and could they confirm if it actually increases FPS. Wouldn't it also shorten the life of the piston because it would hit the wall of the cylinder harder? Also, if you cut it half way, then would cutting it only 1/4, leaving 3/4, increase the FPS just a little bit?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch this.

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If you buy a Laylax pss10 high pressure piston for a VSR it comes with the ability to have either an air brake or not by simply unscrewing the brake and replaceing it with a grub screw. So you can experiment to your hearts content ;). Personaly I run air brakeless in my VSR as all it really does is make the gun slightly quieter and reduces the full potential of the gun ;)
Wandall said:
This is so useless modification IMO. The gun itself is way cheaper than an real TM VSR so you save already enough money from the gun itself so that you can use it to buy better parts immediatly.

In airsoft going too cheap will inevitably make your gear crap up.
But if the young gentleman in question is on a tight budget, an extra 40 fps for the sake of cutting a piece of plastic on a part he already owns, is a good mod, is it not? ;)
Just search the VSR section as they are essentialy identical, all the upgrades there are relavent for the BAR

Just a word to the wise, I know you are trying to reach 450 fps with a .3, but the ideal power to weight ratio is 380ish fps for any given weight of bb. Just something to think about, other than the fact the more you increase spring power the heavier cocking the rifle will be, which believe me doesn't sound a big deal, but try racking a 190 spring, while prone, and trying not to make to large a movement, its bloody near impossible ;)
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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