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JG Bar 10 Airbrake Mod question

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First of all, sorry if you'd prefer this in the "other" category, but I figured since they're the same thing it could go in here as well.

Anyways, I was curious if anyones had any actual experience with doing the mod, and what kind of effects, if any, it had on the gun be it in the long run or not, but specifically to the rest of the internals. Its shooting 430 out of the box, which I know isn't great, but it seems like a decent starting place for me for the time being at least, and i'd rather not shorten its life in stock form if i can avoid it.
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I've been using my VSR minus an airbrake for over 6 years now and nothings broken yet, but I am using a PSS piston, which may make a difference ;) You can expect 2 things if you cut off the airbrake 1) It will become noticeably louder and 2) you will gain approximately 40 fps.

If you buy the PSS piston you have the option of screwing the airbrake on or off the piston so you can trial each combination before you settle on a permanent option.

I can also show you mods that can be achieved easily and with minimum outlay that will take the rifle close to or over the 500 fps mark ;)

EDIT I forgot I already did it for someone else on here in this link
My advise is to try the mods in the link first and then trim the airbrake to suit after, or if you just want to max out on fps do it all and then you should be round the 550 fps mark :)
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