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Hello guys,

I decided to build my first VSR rifle starting with an JG Bar 10.
Please note that this is my first build and I may have done mistakes, please correct me or give me suggestions for improvements.

After reading the forum and discussing with other sniper riffle owners I decided on the following parts list:
- AA hop up chamber
- AA zero trigger
- AA spring guide
- ML crazy jet 430mm 6.01 inner barrel (6.03 not available at the moment of purchase , from what I read it is better for accuracy on long shots with heavier bbs)
- ML 60 degree Autobot bucking
- ML omega nub
- M145 Elements spring
- AA spacers ( not installed yet )
- AA left hand receiver ( not installed yet )
- AA left hand bolt ( not received yet )

I mounted everything together in about 5h time ( first build , help from Youtube and some Dremel work ).


When installing the trigger I had to file down the trigger sear in order to fit into the stock cylinder, at this point I also made the space inside the cylinder larger a little bit but forgot to polish down afterwards and now the trigger pull is not smooth enough. Will polish on next disassembly.
I noticed that sometimes the trigger sear is not catching, my guess is that I didn`t file it enough and it`s not going all the way in. Any thoughts on this?
I also file down a little bit from the trigger guard to make the assembly a little easier.


Installing the M145 spring resulted in 188mps ( 616.798 fps ) which needed to go under 175mps (574.147 fps) to meet my local regulations which I did by cutting two coils form the spring resulting in an 174 avg mps (570 fps).
If I install an AA M130 spring, I'm guessing I should be around 170mps (557 fps). Will this change give me a easier pull without affecting the range noticeably?

Hop up:

When shooting the gun using 0.4 BLS bio bbs I noticed they tend to steer right at the end. I had to tilt the gun left to counter this effect pretty significantly.
My guess is that the bucking is not correctly aligned and I have to slightly move it counter clockwise to get a string path.
Do you have any other ideas for this behavior?

Sound proof:

I want to make it as silence as possible without going lower than 170 mps (557 fps).
In order to do this I was thinking between filling the stock with spray foam or buying foam that comes in gun cases and fill it with that.
Which one is better and do you have any better ideas or suggestions?


At the moment I am waiting for a AA left hand bolt to arrive in order to make the switch at which point I will try to fix all the above mentioned issues.
Changing from right to left will leave the right side body with an opening. Do you have a suggestion on how I can reconstruct the body?

Are there any mods I should look into? I saw the external hop up adjustment one and I will give it a try at some point after I fix all the issues.

Thanks for all the help :cheers:,

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I had the same issue as you with the Omega nub and the right curve at the end (except mine went to the left). This was because the Omega nub would move slightly out of allignment when installing.
I switched over to a Panthera concave nub which fills the AA hop-up nub window perfectly (you can put it directly onto the nub window rather than the arm). It also has a larger surface area and gives me more consistent results.
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