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So this might be a useless question because the majority of everyone on this thread upgrades all of their rifles whenever they can. But just a question, how long do you suppose a stock JG-Bar-10- G-spec would last stock?

And by "last" i mean before the first part breaks due to weekly use either in skirmishes or shooting out back.

And i ask this because i know there are parts in the rifle that are plastic and have a tendency to break.

If i buy the rifle, i want to upgrade what needs upgrading for durability, dependability, and accuracy and range, i dont care about fps, as long as i can reach out and touch someone.

I understand that laylax is a big (expensive) brand that has high quality parts, but is it really the best choice? i want to get the rifle, and im not going to half ass upgrade it.

I dont want to waste my time, or your time with any stupid questions, or money just to find out that sniping really isnt for me.
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