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My stock BAR-10 lasted about 3 months before it broke down. The first thing to go were the trigger sears.

As for upgrading, I did mine over in Laylax parts, PDI is the other big time parts supplier and maybe someone else can shed light on thier products. Laylax is what I used. I love laylax the parts are well worth the money for their quality, I've run laylax parts for 9 months without a problem.

As for a barrel, I love my PDI 6.01, best barrel I've ever owned hands down, but that quality comes with a price tag.

Now for upgrading your VSR, heres a guide I found: You should upgrade your VSR based on your local field regulations. Where I play there is a 550 fps limit on bolt actions, I put mine right around 500.

Overall upgrading any bolt action is a pricey road, mine was minimally upgraded and cost $500ish total. But to fully upgrade would cost alot more. There are also tons of low cost modifications you can, and many times, will do. If you plan on going bolt action, plan on spending alot of time nad money on your rifle.

Anyways I hope I helped you out. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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