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JG bar 10 problem

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I currently have a fully upgraded JG bar-10.
PDI cylinder
PDI bore up hard piston
Cylinder head
6.01 barrel
nineball soft hopup
It shoots around 550 fps

The problem i have is that it barelly shoots anywhere. I try messing with the hopup and it only affects it a little. itll shoot 130 ft then drop. I think its a problem with the hopup not working correctly. Please help with any suggestions
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You sure its fully upgraded? What about the aero chamber, spring guide, etc.?

Also, make an intro post.

Now onto the question at hand. Could be that the hop up bucking is misaligned. If thats the case, even if you adjust the hop up, it will not affect the shots one bit. Try checking the bucking to make sure its in correctly. You will know if you fixed it, as the hop up when adjusted will be noticeable. That will allow you to give your bbs more hop, which will give you more range.
Yes metal spring guide. also what is an aero chamber. and that might be the problem because the bbs drop going at high fps. (velocity doesnt lower when they drop)

also how do i relign it
Most likely, your bucking is upside down. I did this once and it caused massive down hop, and despite adjusting the hop up, the bb was unaffected. Therefore, the bucking is your problem.

To realign it, you are going to have to take your hop up chamber off the barrel. Then take the bucking off, and rotate it around. Its kind of hard to explain, but here is a link that helped me

It is directed towards the pdi hop up chamber, but just take the information about the bucking out of this.

The aero chamber is the laylax hop up chamber that replaces the stock one on the vsr-10. This chamber works with the bar-10, due to the fact that its a clone of the vsr. The aero chamber is simply a better hop up unit. It uses aeg barrels, and buckings which are cheaper and easier to find.

Therefore, you do not have a fully upgraded rifle, unless you are using some other hop up unit? Not to mention, you failed to mention any trigger unit upgrades either. I doubt your bar10 is holding up to 550 fps on the stock trigger unit.
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If that doesn't work, make sure the hop-up nub (the thing which puts pressure on the bb) has not worn down.
aerochamber (aer-o-cham-ber)

1)Overpriced shit.

2)Poorly made hop-up chamber.
Yup yup that chamber sucks donkey balls. I have one and took it out really quick.

Check your bucking for sure.
Check your hop up arms.
Check the hop up "fangs"

Check out this link for sure. ;)
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