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JG BAR-10 problem

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Hey, im sorry for the recap of this question over and over again, but when I did some research I didn't really understand what the people were trying to say. So basically the problem is everytime I shoot it would either curve more to the left or more to the right, I know the problem is the hop up, but the thing I don't get is how am I going to fix this problem. I have tried dissassembling it and reassembling it, but it wouldn't work. And everytime I try to zero the scope in it obviously wouldn't work so I have tried that for like hours. So I heard you should sand it, but it isn't good for the hop up system. All I know is I greatly appreciate it if someone give me a in depth explanation or make a video and sorry again for bringing this topic up, I really have been searching up info, but I didn't quite get it as much
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You need to be running .25s chap.

You really need to be using .25s in anything that is between 350 and 400fps.

As your restricted to those ammo types( the rules you play under are getting more common, 1 of our sites we play at is identical in ruling, and another will only allow site bought ammo or ammo made by Excel) I would concider using a lower powered BA rifle or swapping to a well sorted DMR.

Don't forget you can have such a thing as to much power, and pure fps does not a sniper make.

Most sites I play at are restricted to 350fps max for any platform type, which is why I have several well sorted AEG DMRs now.

Like woogie said you'll need to have your shit all in 1 sock as you'll be operating closer to the enemy, and like him, I should know its my standard OP ;)
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