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JG BAR-10 problem

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Hey, im sorry for the recap of this question over and over again, but when I did some research I didn't really understand what the people were trying to say. So basically the problem is everytime I shoot it would either curve more to the left or more to the right, I know the problem is the hop up, but the thing I don't get is how am I going to fix this problem. I have tried dissassembling it and reassembling it, but it wouldn't work. And everytime I try to zero the scope in it obviously wouldn't work so I have tried that for like hours. So I heard you should sand it, but it isn't good for the hop up system. All I know is I greatly appreciate it if someone give me a in depth explanation or make a video and sorry again for bringing this topic up, I really have been searching up info, but I didn't quite get it as much
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Does your field just chrono with .2s and 25s, or require them for all play? Most fields chrono with those weights and then allow heavier BBs to be switched out at the same power.

To be perfectly honest, sniping with those weights of bb is going to be a very difficult proposition, and you'd be better off switching to a well tuned AEG.
Biovals are biodegradable and they're coming out with heavier and heavier weights. They have .27g and .30g now, and will have .42g coming out soon! Try those out :) They're a bit expensive but not bad at all for such high quality ammo (the best in the sport other than SGMs). And as sounguru stated, snipers don't use many rounds (or shouldn't).
You need to find a new field. These guys are anal. >.<
I feel like a was a bit too hard on your field. Most of the places in the midwest are pretty liberal about what you're allowed to use, within certain fps limits
But it's not like that everywhere.

Try talking to the snipers who play at that field, and see what they do. .25 vs .20 is a HUGE difference, and go heavier if you can at around 400 fps.
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