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JG BAR-10 problem

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Hey, im sorry for the recap of this question over and over again, but when I did some research I didn't really understand what the people were trying to say. So basically the problem is everytime I shoot it would either curve more to the left or more to the right, I know the problem is the hop up, but the thing I don't get is how am I going to fix this problem. I have tried dissassembling it and reassembling it, but it wouldn't work. And everytime I try to zero the scope in it obviously wouldn't work so I have tried that for like hours. So I heard you should sand it, but it isn't good for the hop up system. All I know is I greatly appreciate it if someone give me a in depth explanation or make a video and sorry again for bringing this topic up, I really have been searching up info, but I didn't quite get it as much
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Well, I know when I have had this problem with my old hop up a few years ago, I increased bb weight. When I was using lighter bbs, they would curve left, thus causing a decrease in accuracy. My question is, what bbs are you using. If they are too light, its possible that could be your problem.

In other words, no matter how much I increased/decreased the hop up they would go left. Thats because I was using low weight bbs. Hope this makes sense. Once I increased the weight to my trusty .4s, I was good to go.
O, wow, that is a problem :( Based on what happened to me, its the weight not the hop up. Unless you were to go with a pdi hop up, which allows you to adjust it if it were to be curving one way, then I do not know what you can do.
I still think its just the weight. Right when I began using my brand new rifle, I used .28s and it curved all over. Tried adjusting the hop but had no affect on curves (stock hop up by the way) left or right. Soon as I put in some .4s, adjusted the hop up, and had straight shots everytime.

If you can't change the weight of your bb to a higher one, I suggest going with an AEG.
What kind of field do you play at? If its a cqb type place than I can see why .25s are the limit. But then you probably wouldn't be using a sniper rifle :)
No problem, good luck with using the .25s, you should see a significant difference. If not, do what woogie said and change to a less powerful spring. Then you should be fine.
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