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JG BAR-10 problem

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Hey, im sorry for the recap of this question over and over again, but when I did some research I didn't really understand what the people were trying to say. So basically the problem is everytime I shoot it would either curve more to the left or more to the right, I know the problem is the hop up, but the thing I don't get is how am I going to fix this problem. I have tried dissassembling it and reassembling it, but it wouldn't work. And everytime I try to zero the scope in it obviously wouldn't work so I have tried that for like hours. So I heard you should sand it, but it isn't good for the hop up system. All I know is I greatly appreciate it if someone give me a in depth explanation or make a video and sorry again for bringing this topic up, I really have been searching up info, but I didn't quite get it as much
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Oh well the problem was that the highest I am able to go is 0.25 because my field only allows .2 and .25
Yeah this is the closest field that i know of and from what i know im pretty sure its only .20 and .25 bbs and they are bio degradable ones i believe, i can ask them if they let me use .30 and such, but it has to be biodegradable. But if it is the weight of the bb that is the reason why my bullets are curving left and right then i really have to find another field unless they allow me heavier bbs and i dont really enjoy airsofting with machine guns, but the closest i can probably go for is a semi auto rifle e.g (AGM m14) is what i was thinking of getting next after upgrading my gun if i find another field
Okay so I found out Its strictly bio bbs that THEY sell only(.20 and .25) because they said no outside bbs. But besides heavier bbs do you think cleaning the hop up would work? If so which part of the hop up?
I play at sequoia airsoft which is basically the closest good field because you can use a ghillie rather than all the other places i have checked which is either cqb or a very open field with no trees and such. I have seen people snipe in sequoia, but i am not 100% sure that they aren't using heavier ammo, but when i shot my JG BAR 10 and the bullet curve, it was with .20 i haven't tried .25, but if i do will it make a drastic difference?
Yeah i am planning to get a AGM M14, but for now i am sticking with my JG BAR 10 because i love how accurate it is (when the bullet doesn't curve), Okay so basically i just need to switch to .25 and my bullets will be much more precise :). And in the future i might be moving somewhere else for college so i hope the fields will be much more forgiving, but besides that I thank everyone on here that helped me out!!
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