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JG Bar-10 range?

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1. What bbs do you plan on using?
2. Will you be using a scope?
3. Do you plan on doing any mods to it?

If you are talking about how it shoots stock and are using a scope, it basically all comes down to how you adjust the hop up and what bbs you use. If you use .2s, kiss accuracy out the window, but if you use heavier weights like .28s, you would see better performance. Some say with heavier weight bbs, range is decreased, but to me, it increases because it does not curve off like them stupid .2s do.

Take a look at the vsr thread. The bar-10 is a clone of the vsr, and there is alot of information there for you from upgrades, mods, bb choices, technical discussions, etc. That should help you alot.


P.S. While I do not own a bar-10, I can still help you. If you have questions about upgrading, I could help you there. But it sounds like you plan on keeping it stock.
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Yes it does answer part of your question. If you use crappy bbs in any rifle accuracy will be crappy. You need to tell us what you plan on using. You need to be more specific with your question.

Besides that, let me tell you that with any stock rifle, you are not going to be seeing amazing headshots from 100 yards away. It takes time and effort to get a rifle to be great. Such as DIY mods, and expensive upgrades. That might not answer your question, but judging the way you asked the question, you may want the answer to be "O you will be able to shoot really far! And so accurately too!" Sorry but that will not happen quickly.

Also, you have asked numerous questions regarding various rifles. I suggest going to each thread about particular rifles and reading up on them. There is a load of information there for you. Use it to your advantage.
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