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JG Bar-10 range?

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1. What bbs do you plan on using?
2. Will you be using a scope?
3. Do you plan on doing any mods to it?

If you are talking about how it shoots stock and are using a scope, it basically all comes down to how you adjust the hop up and what bbs you use. If you use .2s, kiss accuracy out the window, but if you use heavier weights like .28s, you would see better performance. Some say with heavier weight bbs, range is decreased, but to me, it increases because it does not curve off like them stupid .2s do.

Take a look at the vsr thread. The bar-10 is a clone of the vsr, and there is alot of information there for you from upgrades, mods, bb choices, technical discussions, etc. That should help you alot.


P.S. While I do not own a bar-10, I can still help you. If you have questions about upgrading, I could help you there. But it sounds like you plan on keeping it stock.
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I plan on using .25g or .28g bb's. But that doesn't answer my question. Thanks though.
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