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I have owned my JG BAR10 for a few months now, and it has gotten a lot of use, had some repairs and a few upgrades. Most of the playing I do is with a group of 6-8 guys in the area. We all have AEGs, or gas pistols and/or sniper rifles (Mainly me). I have had my gun taken apart for maintenance/cleaning many times, and me being me I like to tighten screws a bit to much. This has lead to a few of the holes being stripped out a little. I also have a crack in the receiver that I have fixed with JB Weld, and that holds up pretty well. I am using the stock trigger box, cylinder and cylinder internals right now (That will be changing soon). I am getting a new steel sear set, and I will be upgrading to a 500 FPS spring.

The reason for telling you all this, is I was wondering if I could buy a new stock receiver for a decent price anywhere. I know there are upgraded ones, but they are over $100 and I would rather use more loctite and JB weld than spend that much on a receiver, since I do not play professionally.
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