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JG Bar10 sealing issue

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Rifle background(shooting around 550fps):
-PDI spring, spring guide, piston, trigger assembly, and sear
-6.03 long barrel
-firefly hard bucking
-rest of gun is stock

If anyone remembers my previous posts I described how the knubs on my hopup lever broke awhile back so I used a cut in half bb resting on the lever to apply hopup which gave me amazing accuracy at 80m. My firefly wore out in the last couple months so I made some changes until a new firefly hard bucking and the dangerwerx B type lever came in.

When they arrived I installed them, cleaned the barrel, regreased the trigger assembly, and relubed the oring on the piston. No actual changes, just a cleanup. Piston seems to have a good seal as it will not freely move in the cylinder.

Upon testing I found the gun to be loud(like slamming) and accurate only to 50m. The dangerwerx arm didn't really apply enough pressure to get a good hop(though I believed this may be a result of the sealing issue) so I added just a dab of hotglue to it and made it as even as possible. Hopup is better and sound was a smidgen better but accuracy was still only 50m. I then replaced the dangerwerx arm with my old flat lever + 1/2 bb. Same thing.

Summary: The gun quiets down and shows good sealing only after too much hopup is applied. Even so, the accuracy is appalling to my normal range. Thus, I feel I have two issues.
1) Sealing problem
2) BB issue

I tried Airsoft GI .4's, Madbull .4's, and soap washed Madbull .4's and they all came with the same results. Every couple shots I get a dead bullseye shot and the rest curve wildly to one side or another. The Madbulls are a bit old and seem to be multicolored as if whatever is coated on them has been worn off or evaporated. Can get pics if need be.

Final note: I never really attacked the sealing problem because I never had issues before and since I haven't changed anything I wanted to believe it relied in the bucking.

Any help?
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Try the old bucking again and see if the problem persists. Try washing the bucking by letting it sit in soapy water overnight then rub it with a q-tip with the soapy water, then just give it a good rinse to get the soap off. If you still can't get good range compare the new bucking to the old one and check to see if one is shorter, wider, or has a larger ID than the other. Also check if one is harder or has a different texture than the other. If all else fails the only thing I can think of is it is ripped somewhere.

Out of curiosity, what do you mean when you say "accurate?" Do you mean hitting a soda can, hitting a person, etc.?
For the most part our standard of accurate is a soda can at 100 feet (31m), but that's only short range. If that cable box is about the size of a torso then that's about average. If it's a little bit smaller then you're good to go. If it's a little larger you have some work to do.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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