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JG / Golden Eagle SR25 info

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Hey all! Seasons greetings!

As per title, have any of you had expereience with the Golden Eagle SR25?
Specifically what type of gearbox - V2 or V2.5? Ive seen V2.2 advertised whatever that is, but want to confirm what it actually comes with (im planning on running a Kythera).

Secondly, is it generally well built, half decent hop?
Externals ok, handguard/rail properly attached or just grub screwed on?

Thanks all!
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It's widely known as V2.5 I believe. Exact same as V2, except elongated on the upper part to accomodate longer cylinder assembly. V2.2 on the other hand, if I'm not mistaken it's from VFC/Umarex HK417. Not really a V2, it looks more like an NGRS in my opinion. Also V2.2 isn't elongated at all, it has standard cylinder length.

As for quality and performance, I'm sorry that can't say since I haven't ever touched either gearboxes and the gun itself.
Hi @Akami do you know that the Golden Eagle / JG has a V2.5 then?
Yes, common SR25s uses V2.5. I don't know any other brands, but GE/JG, AnK uses that. You can check the mag feed hole position to easier guess which GB is has. If the hole it at the front most of the mag, high chance that it uses V2.5. Otherwise, it would be a V2 or V2.2
It is an elongated gearbox but it only has a standard cylinder. So not the long cylinder
I thought it has the 19 teeth piston, so the cylinder should be longer?

Edit : V2.5 definitely has longer cylinder, it's not by much, like about 8mm. I found this vid :

Another edit : Oh you mean the specific GE SR25? Further attention to the detail I realized that the GE one indeed has normal V2 cylinder length. My bad.
Here is a link to a pic of the JG SR25
I have owned about 3 of these over the years.
Also, the JG can fit a normal SR25 V2.5 gearbox with some modification. Though. I would try cutting the actual JG gearbox (the window for the cylinder) so that it could fit a bigger cylinder (You would also need to purchase a V2 cylinder head)
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Yeah, I did not notice that GE/JG has their own V2.5 gearbox different in that part. Since the shape is the same, I assume that it also has the longer cylinder any other V2.5 has. Turns out that I was wrong after all
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