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jg m24

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Does anyone have the above sniper or seen or heard about it? I read that its compatible with APS-2 parts so I'm definitely interested in getting it since I can't find the CA m24 fluted anywhere. Also, with a cheap price tag like it is I think that it would be more beneficial to get the jg anyway. Thoughts?
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I haven`t heard of a JG m24 but I actually heard the Ukarms m24 wasn`t bad just needs a tightbore Which he installed. Sorry for the grammer getting use to the new laptop.

A quick google search told me that it took aps-2. I can't get over how cheap it is though. As long as the build quality is fine and accepts aps-2 internals like a champ I could see this being a good replacement for the CA which also has bad internals at the start.

I was just curious if anyone else had bought it. I really like the m24 styling so its a shame that I can't find any other system that satisfies me other then the CA which I know will work.

Not really my choice in website but I saw it when grabbing another deep fire piston. (one of the only us retailers to carry one)
I have two CA M24s and the internals are fairly solid pieces of metal. The tapered barrel worries me because both of the M24s I have are bull barreled and I don't know if the JG/UK/SW are tapered too far before the hop up.
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