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Hmmm. Okay so I can use any spring I want that is logical. How slow is it. If I were to say used a m120? I heard its gets a faster rof with a higher spring maybe I`m insane but that is what I heard. Can you vouch for that or no?
It has 22tpa, as a true high torque motor(wannabe magnum motors are 16tpa, and Chaoli armatures in Dboys and some others have 32tpa uber torque, in comparison).

You will be fine with its performance for anything; dsg or just dmr.

It is more for trigger response in combination with low ratio gears such as 13:1 or siegetek 10:1.

Anyone saying it is slow should drop a Dboys stock armature into its can.
That would be overkill on torque but very efficient and quiet(built correctly, it can make your aeg sound like polarstar minus stupid tube).

Slow is okay(not like I run fullauto dmr); trigger response and low gearbox noise makes up for it.
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