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JG Snow Wolf M99

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Hey everyone, I was just wondering what you guys thought about this rifle?

I know it's from Airsplat, except that is the only place I can find it. I was thinking about this being my DMR project and I was going to follow the Holy Grail to building your DMR that's on here. I am hooked on this gun, and the review that looks professionally written down the page says that it is pretty good and definitely worth the money since it is the lowest priced M82 to date.

So all in all, what do you guys think? :)

EDIT: I was planning on dropping this stuff in to make it a monster...

- Super Reinforced 8mm Complete M160 Ver. II gearbox (RW)

- Matrix High Performance Magnum Motor (M100-M170 springs)

- Madbull Ultimate M4/M16 hop-up
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Sorry but I see no pint to using one of these for anything other then looks. The gun isn't huge in length but it is in bulk and weight. There's no point when you can pay the same for a better quaility, better preforiming gun with more upgrade options. Lighter too. If you did it though it would still look badass but when people go on the field with those people usually think that they play too much cod. Just IMO but they are fairly sexy.
I see your point very clearly, and I am getting an ER25k this week, would you suggest that I drop upgrades into that? Or what AEG do you think is worth upgrading in your opinion :) Although I am very hooked on the M82 ;)
The madbull hop-up unit is supposed to be rubbish so drop tha straight away and get a gaurderor systema. I would drop them into that or get an m16 spr or something and use them in that. Maybe even just a regular M4 with a huge ass suppressor, new grip and front handle.
So don't just go with the ER25k?
aydonmill said:
So don't just go with the ER25k?
One gun=more money into=better performing rifle.

My 2 cents.
Do it from a standard V2 Gearbox and save yourself some trouble, the looks honestly aren't worth the hassle of internal work IMO.
I understand what you're saying fuzzy, except I am way past having one gun :S I have more than I know what to do with at the moment and nobody seems interested in taking them off my hands.

Anyways, if I was to get the M82, I would paint it like the M95 from BFBC2 ;)

(Awfully small scope for a barrett isn't it?)
Thing is though you're getting an aeg
I'd just put the money into the gun you already have or get an A&K SR-25. They are pretty sweet.
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Okay I will think it over some, thanks guys!
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