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Name: Joey, 22 y/o

Callsign: JTFox

Experience: Roughly 4 active years of airsoft exp.

Current, JG G36C w/m4 magwell adapter, enhanced RIS system.
Future, JG Bar-10
Past, MK1 Gas Carbine

Camo: Current airforce ABUs

Hobbies: Airsoft, work, drinking

Where do you reside: Florida, USA

Im new to the sniper side of airsoft, but I played a few games with a Mauser SR Pro Tac that our team bought together. Now Im hooked!! Im here to learn all I can, get some advice on rifles, and make some friends!
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Welcome to the forum. If you do get that bar10 you won't regret it. If you want advice on tactics the first thing to do is read all of the stickies whether the pertain to you or not because chances are you will find a lot of stuff on how to be a better sniper, except of course the guides on upgrades and stuff.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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