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Just a thought....

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Just a thought.... Not too sure whether this is a valid point or just plain silly, but with the use of barrel spacers being a must have in needs of accuracy and (slight) sound dampening (reduces barrel vibration); would it be possible to stick silencing foam around the inner barrel the full length so that it is tight/touching the outer barrel to give the inner stability and more sound dampening qualities? Just a thought....

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Silencing foam will work as a barrel spacer, however it does not reduce mechanical vibration and sound as well as a solid spacer.

Since sound is a vibration, once you reduce all the vibration in the inner barrel and outer barrel assembly, you nearly eliminate any noticeable sound involving these two pieces.

Solid spacers will reduce vibration the most and therefore reduce sound the most.

I've chosen to use a wax-spacer mod for my testing rifle as it encompasses the whole length of the inner barrel and fits VERY tightly into the outer barrel.

I've done electrical tape spacers (3-15+ segments), teflon tape spacers, e-tape+teflon tape spacers, one-piece paper spacers, rubber washer spacers, packaging foam spacers, memory foam spacers, sound absorbing foam spacers, after-market spacers, etc.

I feel if you want the best out of barrel spacers, you MUST use a spacer that surrounds the majority of the barrel and is hard in composition. The one-piece paper spacer and wax barrel mod are the two that I have had the most success with.
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I see where you're coming from and the large mistake I made in forgetting sound is a vibration, unfortunate mishap I have made considering I have a physics exam within the next three weeks.. This does not pose well....

I use a mix of aftermarket solid plastic/o-ring mixed wixed with some tightly packed foam rubber. If you don't have anything else, go with either the rubber or if you have the time, the foam. I can't do the paper method because my outer barrel is cylindrical, but that is just as good as the wax.

Like what silent said, solid is better for reducing vibration because something soft has a lot of play in it, which lets the barrel move around. And for the amount of noice reduction you would get out of silencing the barrel, you would notnotice it. I took my barrel out, held it between two fingers, and flicked the end. I could hear a faint acoustic guitar like sound coming from it. It was virtually nothing.

Good luck with that exam by the way. I'm sure you'll do fine.
And for the amount of noice reduction you would get out of silencing the barrel, you would notnotice it.\
Yep lol. Almost no difference in sound. But if you listen VERYYYY closely, you might hear a difference... Or maybe it's just your imagination lol :ashamed:

P.S. Good luck :)
Just make sure you leave room for the hopup slider to move and leave a little room at the front for the tip to screw on.
Hmm.... was just a thought anyway, mind as well throw it out there while you've got it! And thanks for the support! :)

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