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Just Another Canuck

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Hey there sharpshooters, I'm Andrew. Sixteen years old from Manitoba, Canada.
On the web, I'm MegaFacepalm. During games, they call me Mega.

I've got a G&G M4A1 and a UTG L96. I'm looking to sell the L96 for a VSR10 and a sidearm, however.
I've only been into airsoft for about two years, I haven't got any training under my belt yet other than online reading from forums like this!

I've picked up a full-body ghillie from the Internet, with some modifications made by myself. I mainly do urban sniping, though.

As for other hobbies... goofing around with the friends, video games, 3D modeling, and Java programming, getting into PHP as well.

I guess I've covered everything. Sorry for the long intro!
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Sorry to disappoint, but she's still bone stock and plain as peanut butter. I'm working on a wrap though!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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