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Just found this L96 trigger box

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I was hunting online to see if there were any threads on diy trigger boxes for the L96 as one of mines has disintegrated, thankfully I have a spare.
but I thought some of you might be interested I might get one for the inevitable collapse of my other one.

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So he uses the orings like springs. I never ever heard of something like this : D
I thought it was a good idea and a nice looking trigger box but the lack of a safety concerns me a little :)
from what I have gathered from doing some searching he sells them from some of the french forums and the asking price is around 70 euros ($93/£58 approximately)
*wiggles his index finger* This is my safety.
Lol, I know right. it has the same safety as the Glock. It is diferent but the orings tend to break do to constant tension. You have to keep them lubed.

Has anyone given any feedback on them?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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