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I had completely forgotten to introduce myself to the boards at first so I will do it now instead. Thanks to Mosin by the way for making a intro template. You have probably saved many people from embarrassment. ;)

Anyway, my name is Spencer but you can just call me Recon. I have been playing airsoft for about 4 years now and have become pretty experienced in that time because I started off with a large disadvantage (nothing but a $30 springer pistol against a bunch of experienced players loaded with gear and high powered AEGs). Like they say, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" ;). I am an athlete (track, cross country, swimming, snowboarding, and Muay Thai being the main source of training) which is mostly what saved my inexperienced butt on many occasions in those early games. The disadvantage also taught me how to stalk and use tactics early on.

From there I went out and bought a Echo 1/JG M16 (not really sure which of the two it actually is :-/), a bunch of gear, and a UTG L96. The L96 is my current pride and joy
and I love working on it and using it in all of my games. I very rarely use the M16 anymore and I am now trying to sell it. I also still have my original starter pistol just cause it brings back good memories :).

I have a full woodland BDU camo set and have been trying to either make or buy a ghillie suit. I usually travel light so there isn't really anything thing else other than knee pads yet.

I love to snowboard and play airsoft. I also like to keep in shape and end up working out pretty consistently. Because of college I'm kept pretty busy either going out, working, or going to classes. Xbox live account is Blackout337 if anyone likes to play. I'm on every once in a while.

I've lived in MI my whole life. As of fall I will be a student at CMU so my location will be Mt. Pleasant.

I hope to be able to give what knowledge and experience I have with anyone who needs it and hope to see you all at the games at one point or another. See you on the battlefield!
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