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Just wondering about upgrades for a SG 1911

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I was looking at 1911s, and the socom gear 1911 looks great. It's an MEU with trades, and it comes with a Gemtech. The only downside is that SG's are WE's + Trades. What I could I do to match the TM MEU's performance? Can you list all of the parts I'd need to upgrade in order to get TM performance on a WE?

Exclude the TBB I'd buy the Madbull 235mm...
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Problem is its a WE can I say more? You will need to work on the barrel but if you get the threaded barrel set with madbull barrel you sure be fine. THen you need a better rubber. Tune the hopup arm to be level. Do simple mods and that should be fine for now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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