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KA conversion chamber = VSR barrel ONLY???

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if i get a KA conversion chamber, can i use any AEG barrel cut out? or does it have to specifically be the VSR? i've looked at both online and cant see a differance
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VSR-10 HU cuts have a ring cut into the barrel for the bucking's lips to rest in and the lip at the end is removed from the barrel.
You can also use a PSG-1. Fits funny, but it still works.
It's preferably to use VSR barrel than modify an AEG barrel.

Yes, but a psg1 barrel without any mods works fine in the vrs hop up chamber
Sorry for the thread hijack, but does anyone know the approx. length VSR barrel that I'll need for my Tanaka M40 and my KJW M700 Takedown?
Also, where to get it...

Im pretty sure its around the 550-600mm mark. I have the Madbull PSG1+(650mm) length barrel, its to long.
ASGI has this barrel, that since I destroyed my madbull one, im thinking about getting, its around the right length and it looks to have the notch for vsr-10 buckings, what do you guys think?:
I have had an ASGI 6.03 in my jg bar-10 for a long time and for the price, its damn good. Im just wondering if you guys think it has the cut for the bucking, in the pic at the top(zoom in) you can see what looks to be a notch for the bucking, and the review is from a kjw m700 owner. I think thats my next purchase.
Thanks, I'm not worried about going over the length of the KJW as I've got a nice thread adapter on the way but the M40 is really what's worrying me - I don't want to spend out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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