I have a lightly used green gas RedFire Kar98k for sale on the HopUp app, although I can also do local sale.
It’s made of real German beech wood and cnc metal, it uses 10-round green gas or 8g CO2 mags (I have one of each). The rifle is absolutely beautiful with not a single piece of plastic on it and shoots good with .36g bbs accurately at 1.56j with green gas, or from what I’ve heard, .20g at 480fps with 8g CO2. It has minor wear but mostly sat for its entire life with only ~200 rounds through it. It utilizes vsr-10 hop up buckings so I would highly recommend getting a maple leaf bucking for this if you want it’s fullest performance!

I love this rifle, but it just sits and does not fit my load out and I would rather let someone else enjoy this beauty. The gun will come with the two working mags, a broken 8g CO2 mag for parts, and a brand new Evike propane adapter. The mags are like $50 a pop.

I’m motivated to sell! If interested, please message me if possible through the app, you can search my name: C.J. Griffis.