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Well like I have said in other posts.... I have a KC-02 coming to my house here some time this week. It already has a wooden stock on it, as well as an Ra-Tec 6.01 inner barrel through her.

I have ordered an Archangel 10/22 target stock, , should be here by the weekend or so.

I will also be adding an Npas system to the rifle, and possibly SBR the rifle to make it great for a CQB rifle. So I may be making my own barrel for it as well :D

I will get some pics and some status of the build as it comes up.
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So out of curiosity is the kc02 a direct drop in fit to any 10/22 stocks?
Basically I've been looking for something new which I will be able to call actually unique. This is without spending over a grand to put a single rifle together.

I'm about to build my backup m4 right now ( I actually already have everything or I have found the parts used for a fairly decent price. ebay ), but after that I would very much like to do a tapped gas rifle so I can get my feet wet with gas guns in general.

With those two things the kc02 seems to fit the bill perfectly.
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