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Well like I have said in other posts.... I have a KC-02 coming to my house here some time this week. It already has a wooden stock on it, as well as an Ra-Tec 6.01 inner barrel through her.

I have ordered an Archangel 10/22 target stock, , should be here by the weekend or so.

I will also be adding an Npas system to the rifle, and possibly SBR the rifle to make it great for a CQB rifle. So I may be making my own barrel for it as well :D

I will get some pics and some status of the build as it comes up.
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It kind of does.....

Well I found some scrap carbon fiber tubing in my shop, and will be able to use that for the outer barrel. Will try and get things started here tomorrow after work ;)
Semi finished, still need to make the notch for the barrel attachment slot in the carbon fiber.

I also have a larger tube of carbon coming that I am thinking of making a suppressor ( mock of course ) for the rifle. Should be here early next week or so.


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I like it man....
It came out really nice!

Looks amazing!
What fps range are you shooting for, since it is CQB 350fps?
Correct cheese I did make that end cap. There is still some small finishing work that I will have to do to the end cap, but I am able to do that on my mini lathe in my basement. I did that work on the large machine lathe I have at work ;) I think it is something like a 20"x9' or very close to that, and has a little over a 1" through chuck, both a 3 and a 4 jaw chuck and a variety of collets and lathe dogs.

I am looking for around the 350 mark, because like you said it will be used in a CQB area. I have a little more work to do on her, but she is getting there.
Well I think it is time for an update :D

After some work on the lathe this is what I came up with .... just need to epoxy and make the parts permanent.

In the lathe and ready to get started. Began as a 3" chunk of aluminum.

Using cut off saw to part off the material, I actually took it back to the lathe and knocked down the back side for the end cap ;)

Spacer for both parts of carbon fiber tube, as well as a barrel spacer. It is around 3-4" long, so plenty of meat to hold the barrel in place.

And then there is the end cap.

I still need to do some small cleaning up, but for the most part she is done. Just need to get the rifle together and get some shot through to make sure the end cap hole is large enough.
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Man that's epic!!!
You've done a fantastic job!

Looks awesome!
Let me do a little more work to it, and polish it up and you may be able to have it :D
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Let me do a little more work to it, and polish it up and you may be able to have it :D
I want to just to HPA it.. lol.
I should do that, as I already have the stuff to do that as well :p
I should do that, as I already have the stuff to do that as well :p
Might as well. It's leaps and bounds better then GG/Propane.
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