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Well like I have said in other posts.... I have a KC-02 coming to my house here some time this week. It already has a wooden stock on it, as well as an Ra-Tec 6.01 inner barrel through her.

I have ordered an Archangel 10/22 target stock, , should be here by the weekend or so.

I will also be adding an Npas system to the rifle, and possibly SBR the rifle to make it great for a CQB rifle. So I may be making my own barrel for it as well :D

I will get some pics and some status of the build as it comes up.
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Man that came out pretty good. You should be proud!

Beautiful! Looks like a great little CQB rifle!
I want a KC-02 badly. What kind of range do you get out of it?
Right now I am able to get around the 250 mark if I really push it. But being as this is going to be for some close in work, I am making it as accurate as I can at around 150.

And coaster.....everything is always for sale ;)
Well have the rifle shooting, and not I can't leave well enough alone :D

I am going to take off the large suppressor and make a fun little muzzle break. I will be able to swap them from one to the next, or I can just make another entire outer barrel assembly.

Will try and get it started and done here tonight, and will attempt to get some pics up as well :D
Well I got everything done and tested..... and sold the rifle :D

She did shoot good, but I am more looking for an M4 right now, and have an MK18 on its way to me.

Here is a copy of the muzzle break that I made just before I sold her.... :p

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She didn't last long haha, I hope you passed that beauty on to a good owner!
I am hoping so to, but hey I enjoy working on them more. That and I am planing for my training as well for guard unit. And I figured an M4 is going to be better for training rather than a 10/22 :p
She didn't last long haha, I hope you passed that beauty on to a good owner!
This beautiful rifle is now mine:)

enjoy the M4 woogie! Pretty damn decent rifle. Good ol' M4.
Thanks man.

And welcome to the forum, and before one of the mods gets ya hop on over and make an intro post so we can get to know you a little bit.
I just got this gun :) I plan on installing a tightbore barrel and new bucking, then run hpa with it.
Please leave posts that died years ago as dead posts, thanks buddy. This is called Necro Posting. This topic died off in 2012.
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