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keeping scope lens dry

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As the title suggests is it possible to keep the lens on a scope dry. The last day I was playing the grass was very wet and it rained from time to time. The lens on my scope got all wet and made seeing through it difficult. I was able to wipe moisture away with my glove but it would only last a little while. Any ideas?

I was just looking at lens covers for scopes. Would they be a good way of keeping water off? I cant seek to find any the right size for my scope. Its a 4x32 scope. If anyone knows where I could get lens covers for this scope please put a link here.

If you have other ideas Im all ears.
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I have this exact same problem from time to time.

Try ebay for the cover mate.
Fogging, thats a pain too on a humid day. Wiping it with jute just gets the scope mucky too ;(
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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