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KJ M700 custom *how to*

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Ok guys.

Well a while ago a buddy of mine bought a rifle from one of you guys. It started life out as a basically stock KJ M700 take down model.

I have shortened the outer barrel a little bit. Ported the inner barrel and that has been about it. Well he was taking it apart and playing with it and lost a few parts and what not. So he has a replacement bolt on the way and told me that he doesn't want it. So I am going to give it the "woogie treatment"

Of course everyone here knows what that means. I am in the planning stages and am planning on starting on Monday, in regards to the cutting.

So as I go through the progress I will post up as many pics as I can and do as much of a write up as well.

Now many of you know that I enjoy to do this, and I also enjoy doing it on the cheap. So I will be using basic tools and supplies that anyone could get.

I have a 6.01 PDI inner barrel that I am planning on using. As well as a fire fly bucking I believe, as well as the stock rifle.

So stay posted and I will keep you guys in the loop.
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Ok guys well got started on the rifle.

I am using the PDI 6.01 303mm inner barrel in the rifle. Well the inner barrel doesn't reach the end of the for-end. So while searching through my basement for stuff to use as an outer barrel, I found the legs to a walker. The adjustable type so you can let your grandparents use the walker no matter how short they are.

So after a little sanding on the inner surface of the tube I was able to get it to fit over the "nub" fairly snug. Now this tube will come just shy of the end of the for-end. I do plan on getting a threaded end for the build, so I can use a suppressor as well as a muzzle break.

The tube that I used is around the same size as a G-spec barrel. So I did have to do a little sanding around the barrel channel in the for-end, to get the "outer barrel" to fit properly.

Next what I had to do was to attach the end of the barrel to the lock down point. So what I have done is take some JB weld and put a nice size blob on the "table" that holds the end of the barrel into the for-end. Once this has dried I will sand everything nice and neat, and see if I will need to adjust the height of the post.

I will grab my wifes camera tomorrow and get some pics up for you guys. And if anyone needs some ideas on where to get some of this stuff, just pm me and I can let you know.


Tube being used as the outer barrel, only smaller.

Original barrel next to walker leg.

Outer barrel in the for-end of the stock, JB weld drying

Now I need your guys opinion....

Muzzle cap convex.....


Muzzle cap concave....
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Man! That thing got woogified. I would go concave.
Yeah that is what I am thinking as well. The only thing is...... there are "spacers" on the inside to "stabilize the barrel" So not sure if it would look better with the mock suppressor look or not.... ;)

But I do agree the concave looks alot better.
I have to say... one of the best things anyone who is looking at modding a rifle...... is to get a dremmel tool. I love mine and use the crap out of it. A drill press and a chop saw are also great.

Tomorrow I should be getting the back end of the rifle. I plan on doing a little to that but nothing to drastic. I am looking at hiding all of the gas stuffies inside the butt-stock. Plan on running a small Co2 unit inside, and use the rifle as a scout.
How much range do you think she'll have with that short of a barrel?
Should have same range as normal. I may go though more gas than that of a regular length barrel. But that is not to bad. I don't fire many shots durring a game anyway.

Now all I need is a list of parts for a very small air rig that I can put either inside of the stock or in a stock pouch.

Looking at the palmers and custom products. I am hoping I can find what I need. Any help would be great, thanks guys.....
I have also been trying to invent a gas rig that would be located in the stock, while still keeping the overall look of the gun.
I am not sure if there is enough room in the stock to hold one. Wouldn't be to hard to drill a small hole in the stock for a hose to run out.

But we shall see. Doing the pricing on the air rig right now.
It would probably work better with the full-stock version.
Yes it would, but I am going to see what I can do about making this one of those ;)

But if someone wants to trade me a regular one for a take down .... let me know

So after some work on the rifle, after my buddy lost a pin and messed up the mag. I got the rifle up and running now.

So now the only question is ......



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Yeah going with A.

Working on the paint right now.

More to come in a few days.

I have found that Custom Products may be the one to go. They have a small reg that you can adjust to how you want. And should be able to fit it inside the stock itself. If not it wont be to large in a stock pouch. Which is the way I may end up taking it.
That gun looks amazing already, interested to see how it performs. Also interested to see what you come up with for the air system.

Top is my PDI L96, second is the KJ M700, and the third is the G&P M4 I am still needing to wire up.

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Exceptional paintjob as always woogie, and what's the quote on the 96?
Wow, looking really good, and i agree with silent, You should stick a scope on the gun lol. Maybe a Huge scope like the one you have on your 96, or you could go with that nice little one in the earlier pictures.
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