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KJ M700 custom *how to*

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Ok guys.

Well a while ago a buddy of mine bought a rifle from one of you guys. It started life out as a basically stock KJ M700 take down model.

I have shortened the outer barrel a little bit. Ported the inner barrel and that has been about it. Well he was taking it apart and playing with it and lost a few parts and what not. So he has a replacement bolt on the way and told me that he doesn't want it. So I am going to give it the "woogie treatment"

Of course everyone here knows what that means. I am in the planning stages and am planning on starting on Monday, in regards to the cutting.

So as I go through the progress I will post up as many pics as I can and do as much of a write up as well.

Now many of you know that I enjoy to do this, and I also enjoy doing it on the cheap. So I will be using basic tools and supplies that anyone could get.

I have a 6.01 PDI inner barrel that I am planning on using. As well as a fire fly bucking I believe, as well as the stock rifle.

So stay posted and I will keep you guys in the loop.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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