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Kjw 1911 meu

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Been considering this as a sidearm. Anyone have it, ever owned it, or used one?
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Kjw makes a great GBB pistol, I dont experience with the meu but the KP05 1911 is amazing as well as their SS 226, so I imagine the meu isnt far off
KJW makes FAR better pistols than WE and their pistols are clones of the TM, WE pistols are off spec compared to TM.
Plus KJW makes CO2 mags and they push even more the fps.

Thanks for the input guys. Lack of holster options caused me to abandon the idea OD the WE G17 and the 93r.
NO WE!!!!!!

For Glocks KSW/KWA or TM and for the Beretta 93R again KSC/KWA!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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