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Kjw bolt consistency and hop

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Hi, I've been playing with my HPA'd KJW M700 and it works like a dream. There are only 2 problems i face. First is the most annoying, if you have an m700 (not sure about tanaka) you may know how to fix this. In the bolt you know how the striker spring can be adjusted? Well it always comes lose over time. I've heard people loctite this, but where so I do that if so? Also how will I change out the striker spring if I do? Second is my hop up. I was wondering aha kind of nubs/buckings you guys use? I use a KA Hard Marui bucking (which is what some people use) but how can I get more hop? Sometimes when I turn hop all the way up, it's not enough. I've also naked some nubs. But they are too sharp and broke one of my buckings. Id'e be thankful if someone can answer these questions. ;D
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I would have used either blue loctite or wrap some Teflon tape on it.
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