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KJW KC-02 External Upgrades

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Hey guys,

Now i just have a few quick questions regarding what external upgrades can be attached to the KJW KC-02. I have read on other reviews and threads saying that "most" aftermarket parts will go on it but i know that it will be just my luck that i buy the parts that don't work. If you know of any specific parts/companies that work with this gun i would greatly appreciate it if you could let me know

The parts that i have found and would like to attach to my gun if possible are

Crane Stock

Pistol Grip

If you know if these do/don't work please let me know
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You need to make an intro post (the first link) and work on your grammar (the second link). When he says search he means google it.

The stock looks like it will fit no problem but that grip is an AEG grip. I don't think it will fit but don't quote me on that.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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