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Been a while since I've posted here. Seems like there is more traffic. I was going to re-introduce myself in a Tanaka thread but I figured it would be a "no no" bearing the relevance of my rifle. I guess a brief update, relevant to sniping won't hurt here though. I sold my BAR-10 and picked up a KJW M700 to overhaul and run HPA.

Since this post will tread on the line of Tanaka rifles, since the KJW M700 is a clone, please don't flame me. just help me out and I'll try to do better.

I have seen quite a few MODs and upgrades that seem to be almost necessary to make this gun worth it. I have a chance to get a Tanaka AICS but money is tight. Regardless of funds though, whats the point if they no longer have the PCS bolt?

I'll write more later, I'm going to have lunch with a Sniperwoosh. Some of you might remember us.

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Glad you are back dude!! Glad to hear that you got another rifle. Hope all will go ok with the mods and what not.

Looking at getting one of those myself, either that or just pay the extra for the Tanaka.

Good luck with it and keep us posted.

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Thanks for the encouragement! So far this is a list gathered from other sources of KJW M700 specific and Tanaka applicable upgrades and mods. I also included the purpose of the work or part and a general price it will cost me. I'll let you know how it goes, what gets done and the effect on its performance. If you are wondering why the HPA tank and air rig are considered free, its because I've gotten into classics since the last time I posted frequently. They were not free but multitasking tools does not cost money. Since the M700 is only costing me $50 and I'm getting a hold of a 27rnd Tanaka mag for nothing, its kinda of a no brainier why I would try this out.


Free Mods & Upgrades:

Trade a friend 3x 10rnd mags for 1x 27rnd Tanaka mag -Purpose= 1x mag upgrades
Teflon tape hop up -Purpose= Consistency
Electrical tape barrel spacers -Purpose= Accuracy
Tighten and loc-tite striker spring assembly -Purpose= Consistency
Custom hop-up "H" spacer -Purpose= Accuracy
HPA bottle and air rig -Purpose= Consistency
Drill & tap mag for 1/8 NPT -Purpose= Install Air rig connection
2 metal shims epoxy'd to the magazine housing -Purpose= Magazine stability and consistency
electrical taped inner barrel (may not be applicable) -Purpose= Accuracy
teflon taped all screws and ends of hopup unit -Purpose= Consistency
Silicon Sealed magazine's o-rings -Purpose= Consistency
Cut notches in 650mm TBB for VSR-10 hop-up -Purpose= Install 6.03mm TBB
E1 & TSD .28g BBs
Madbull .4g BBs (2000 count)

Cheap Upgradess:

KA hop up bucking($15) -Purpose= Consistency
G&G, or KA striker spring($3-$6) -Purpose= Consistency(and upgraded power)
G&G rubber set ($13) -Purpose= Consistency
G&G Gas route Spring($3) -Purpose= Consistency
G&G or KA Plunger set ($15-$34) -Purpose= Consistency (upgraded power?) %2
HPA fittings ($15) -Purpose= Connect air rig

Expensive Upgrades:
Tight bore barrel ($30) -Purpose= Accuracy
2-Roy CNC'ed mag shell ($80) -Purpose= Increased magazine durability (might not necessary)

Total cost:~$180+S/H

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Revised my shopping list. With less parts this makes the whole fitting issue much easier. I think my weakest point at this time is my mini reg. It caps out at 150PSI. By replacing it and using polyethylene hose I think I could almost run 500PSI. Most of these setups are using around 100PSI to get 550FPA.
To do all that, and I just checked, would require me to remove my second rig and use a 6mm tube coupling and some new hose. I think I'll just try up to 145PSI for now. I haven't even got a TBB yet, that might as well be considered a multiplying variable.

1/8 npt to 1/8 npt elbow

6mm male QD to 1/8 male (9414k62)

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No, not really, but its intimidating to other players and I do go to some games that are "no limits". There, I have faced SAWs shooting ~20rps at 600FPS. With that kind of performance their isn't much room for the lowly sniper unless they can shoot over 700FPS. The Righthook Fab. rifles can shoot that hot and much hotter. A buddy of mine at Point Blank Airsoft has got his Mantis to shoot >1200FPS. You can shoot targets behind plywood with that kind of performance.

I have no intentions to break FPS regs but there is good reason to build the internals to withstand high pressure than I intend to use. I don't want this thing turning into shrapnel. Besides that, I can say that my gun can shoot xFPS.

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1200 fps with an air soft rifle?!?! There is no way! That is the same as my .22lr will shoot with hyper velocity ammo! Any way you can get some video of that?

That and might as well get a high pressure rig just to make sure that you have that assurance that nothing will happen. That and makes sure that all is ok for the games and what not.

That and I think I am in love with that saw
Let see some vid of those bad boys running.

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LOL, that is no where near the same! FPS is only relative to the object's weight.
And, no. I don't have a vid of that RHF Mantis. You cam PM Ajax on their forums if you are really interested.

Aguaila .22lr 30gr super max 1750FPS
"30 grain = 1.9439673 grams"

that is 9.7x heavier

Arnies FPS to Joules converter

1.94g @ 1750FPS is 274.53j
.2g @ 1750FPS is 28.3j

Alright, last post on the somewhat off topic discussion here. The video below is some of the madness generated by the Silent Ops hosted "no limits" games at Bad Karma.
Yes, BK & NA are in TN. Its not the only around. And if DBC's forum is still around, you can can read them bragging about the FPS gain in one of NA's M249s after a .01 TBB was installed. I think they said it shot 646FPS. I don't have any issue with talking or explaining myself but lets keep this thread to technical questions and answers. I would like it reserved as a technical guide to re-creating a HPA based M700 for others.

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LOL.... oh yeah I know the weight will effect the velocity of the round and all of that stuff. In stead of the hpyper velocity and what not possible around regular? Haven't been shooting in a while
Just looked at my stock and it is the Eley Club Xtra ammo... shooting at 1085fps...

But yeah that is still a hell of a rifle...
Would not want to be at the recieving end of that thing, if he was able to get it accurate.

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Ordering parts this week. I'm getting the fittings, KA VSR bucking, G&G plunger, striker spring and strike plate. The G&G rubber set and chute spring were out of stock. I might get a PSG-1 barrel but we'll see. EDGI says they use 629mm TBBs. I have a friend with an stock ARES AW .338 barrel that might fit. I think they are 6.04mm. I need to borrow a propane adapter to get a baseline for stock performance. I want to have the baseline and HPA setup installed by next weekend. The parts might not be in by then (from WGC).

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KJW M700 (stock) FPS w/ E1 .28g BBs measured by Madbull Chronograph

Over 37 shots with 1 fill of propane using KJW M700 10rnd mag (stock).

Range of 317.3 to 474.3FPS w/ .28g BB
Average of 411.0FPS w/ .28g BB

1 317.3
2 335.0
3 395.0
4 414.6
5 426.8
6 437.4
7 423.6
8 426.8
9 403.1
10 369.0
11 427.8
12 415.6
13 396.7
14 407.8
15 381.9
16 375.4
17 387.0
18 407.8
19 392.2
20 384.5
21 440.8
22 425.7
23 393.1
24 410.7
25 386.6
26 421.6
27 424.7
28 451.0
29 449.8
30 438.5
31 466.7
32 474.3
33 440.8
34 452.2
35 454.5
36 373.0
37 370.0

I know, its not very interesting. But, this is the baseline performance of my stock m700. If my air fittings come in tomorrow I'll get a baseline with HPA.

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I finished stippling last night. I hoping a little dusting of paint will take that hunting rifle look away.

SCA stands for Steel City Airsoft. We are a group in Birmingham, AL.

Stippling is one of the easiest mods I have ever done. It takes patience. There are other ways to do this but this but my work produced grip texture similar to lava rock.


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mateba said:
Range of 317.3 to 474.3FPS w/ .28g BB
And that, kiddies, is why I bought a spring powered rifle

To be fair with a vairience of over 150 fps I'm suprised you can hit the broad side of a barn

Isn't there some way you can get this down to the 0.whatever fps shot to shot consistency we spring users enjoy?

After all even my unloved and uncared for stock, except for a spring change ,G36, and even my un modified shot gun only have an fps variation of less than 10 ;)

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The HPA conversion is happening day. I have the parts in and the Tanaka mag.

Here is my baseline with the Tanaka mag. For me, the KJW 10rnd mag info is not that useful but to others it may help them decide which mag to buy. I was intending to use the Tanaka mag anyway but I was curious to see if there was any difference between the mags that was worth mentioning. And, not to much surprise, there was. The Tanaka mag seemed much more consistent but had some pretty bad outliers just not as many. At 473.9 w/ .28g BB, it shoots 2.91 joules or 559.53 w/ .2g on average. Comparing the converted average of my M700 with the KJW mag at, 485.4 w/ .2g BBs. They are both terrilby inconsistent but the Tanaka hits harder, holds more and generates higher velocities for better or worse.

KJW M700 w/ 29rnd Tanaka mag on propane
Tanaka mags shoots over 48 shots.

range: 380.3FPS to 508.9FPS w/ .28g E1 BBs
average: 473.9FPS w/ .28g E1 BBs

1 415.6
2 426.8
3 443.0
4 473.0
5 484.8
6 501.6
7 504.5
8 508.9
9 486.2
10 463.0
11 470.5
12 487.5
13 500.1
14 380.3
15 451.0
16 475.6
17 451.0
18 478.2
19 466.7
20 441.9
21 460.5
22 453.4
23 455.7
24 453.4
25 513.4
26 501.6
27 480.8
28 508.9
29 413.6
30 484.8
31 486.2
32 470.5
33 493.1
34 490.3
35 490.3
36 484.8
37 490.3
38 498.7
39 482.2
40 494.4
41 495.9
42 493.1
43 513.4
44 508.9
45 497.3
46 488.9
47 454.5
48 412.6

IMO, the 30rnders are worth the extra 30-40 bucks over the KJW 10rnd mags. They look better too.

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