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KJW M700 Takedown Upgrade Questions

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Okay everyone, so I recently got my hands on a KJW M700 takedown and am looking for some upgrade advice. Firstly I will be HPA tapping it, which brings me to my first question, Im looking for 2.3j with .32g bbs at 90psi (aka 500 fps with .2's). That's the psi I run my Daytona gun at, and im wanting to run them simultaneously off the same regulator.
So my question is what is the shortest barrel length would allow me to do this (Im planning on using a 6.03 or 6.05)

Also if I do shorten the barrel will I be able to use one of these:
Steel CNC 14mm Negative Adapter for M700 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Accessories & Parts, External Parts, Adapters - Airsoft Superstore

And last one for now, are the stock KJW valve knockers made out of steel?
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Nooo! You got the Takedown version :(

It is a pain to stop it from leaking all the time. You need to replace Teflon tape around its threads almost every time you open it, and it still may leak even when it is taped.

Well the stock barrel is 629mm long, and the gun can hold up to 650mm. I would go with a 6.05 barrel or higher if I were you.

That adapter will not work at the ID of the outer barrel shrinks past two inches from the first if the gun. You will need to make a custom one. Check out this thread for more info:

I don't knowing materials good, so I'm not sure what I'm they are made if, but mine haven't had problems for 8+ Months. Those are kind of a replace part.
I would recommend making your reg run your M700. That's it. I have used 90psi before but never actually took a mental not of how it shot. I can test it at 90 this Saturday if you would like.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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