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KJW M700 Takedown Upgrade Questions

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Okay everyone, so I recently got my hands on a KJW M700 takedown and am looking for some upgrade advice. Firstly I will be HPA tapping it, which brings me to my first question, Im looking for 2.3j with .32g bbs at 90psi (aka 500 fps with .2's). That's the psi I run my Daytona gun at, and im wanting to run them simultaneously off the same regulator.
So my question is what is the shortest barrel length would allow me to do this (Im planning on using a 6.03 or 6.05)

Also if I do shorten the barrel will I be able to use one of these:
Steel CNC 14mm Negative Adapter for M700 Series Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Accessories & Parts, External Parts, Adapters - Airsoft Superstore

And last one for now, are the stock KJW valve knockers made out of steel?
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Haha yeah i know no one likes the takedown model, unsurprising due to the inherent inconsistencies caused by taking down a precision rifle and putting it back. But trust me im aware of what im getting into and am prepared to fabricate parts as needed. Personally im of the theory that from a mechanical perspective there should be no need to seal the threads between the two halves as all the gas should be going directly from the magazine into the bolt, into the hop up unit and then out the barrel. In theory there should be no air leaking between the bolt and the nozzle or the nozzle and the hop up, so (again in theory) there should be no need to seal the connection between the halves.

And thanks for the link, I knew i read something about adding a thread adapter in all my research, but couldn't for the life of me remember where.

But yes bobcat im aware of how pressure effects power, my question was specifically regarding how to achieve 2.3J at 90psi (with .32's) due to me only wanting to carry one HPA tank while running my Daytona gun and M700 at the same time. Unfortunately I cant sub regulate the Daytona gun down to 90 psi while running the m700 at a higher psi due to Daytonas being total air hogs. So while normally I would agree with you and just chance the pressure to suite my energy needs, in this case the energy output is going to be highly dependent on the barrel length, bore size and bb weight (due to energy creep in higher weight bbs)
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I find it hard to believe it's going to be easier for you to try and build a gun to achieve a precise muzzle energy at a certain input pressure, than it is for you to buy a twin regulator fitting or something.
Unfortuantely easier isnt really the issue im worried about, money is, at this point I dont really have the money to throw another ~$100 in for a second regulator on top of the barrel, bucking, and new parts im machining.

Essentially Im just looking for some people with experience running their KJW's at 90psi and what fps they get/what barrel they're using. Im not too worried about it being precisely on the 2.3J mark, just looking for something close to that, as long as the range is there it doesnt really matter to me. Plus I can always increase the energy by throwing some heavier bbs in it.
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