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KJW M700 Upgrade list help

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okay guys , im new here so i apologize if i do anything wrong lol . first off im building my own custom KJW m700 from scratch , with the help from Bobcats thread a couple months back i decided im going to do the hpa rig running in my stock . please inform me if my list needs touching up .

palmers persuit hpa rig :
macroline kit 1/4-1/8 NPT
low pressure female stabilizer
cci 12 gram quick change adapter
free flow 300psi mini gauge
1/8 NPT 45 elbow
1/8-1/4 slipfit straight

edgi 6.01 tightbore
(please give me info if theres a cheaper barrel for the same quality and performance)

9Ball bucking
DIY flat nub

King arms striker spring and impact plate
OR G&G striker spring (but i dont know where to get a steel impact plate seperate)
Kingarms air nozzle

Steel cnc 14mm negatice adapter
Ncstar scope
airsoft gi suppressor
airsoft gi bipod

If you could please help me comment below !
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Will you be machining the receiver and barrel yourself?

You may want to take the time to clean up some of the OEM rifle's sloppy tolerances if so.
There are several areas that may be improved upon, PM me and we can discuss this in further detail.
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