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kjw m700 upgrades

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Hello. Im fairly new to airsoft sniping, but not to airsoft. Ive gone out and played almost every weekend for 2 years now and recently made a really bad decision. I compulsively bought a Mauser Pro Tac... Well in a phrase, its a complete POS. So I then read some good reviews about the KJW M700 and the only real problems people pointed out was the inconsistency in FPS due to temp of gas, and stock inner barrel. People also said the inner barrel isnt like a tanaka, so I was wondering if someone could make a list of immediate neccesary upgrades that fit the M700 without any modding. Thanks
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From what I've heard, accounting for all the work and parts and money you put into that gun, you should just buy a Tanaka.
VSR-10 hopup buckings
Compatible with Tanaka bolt and mag parts

I would replace the strike and striker plate right off the bat. G&G or KA makes a set.

I would also go to external air but that is not cheap like a zero trigger.
Everyone I know who has bought a KJW has had to do mag work. To stop leaks after about 6 games.

I have owned a few Tanakas in the past, and all I can say is that the older versions(if they have new versions.) had horrible hop up units.

As for which one is better.
strictly going on price, the KJW is better; you'll be spending the same amount of money on upgrades for a gun that cost you half the price.

The KJW will also except standard cut barrels. You would have to get a custom cut barrel for the Tanaka.

As for necessary upgrades with out modding.
Not to sound like d*ck but a scope is about it. If your not looking to change anything on the gun then get a TBB as well. But once you switch to VSR hop up chamber you'll have to buy another anyway.

I will get some photos up tonight, if wanko doesn't beat me to it.
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An H-type hop-up spacer is also recommended due to the stock one not having as much accuracy. You will have to custom make one yourself though, but it's not hard with a dremel and some thick plastic.
Ah I see. Thanks for all of the info guys. Im looking into other things, and I will probably put my order in soon.
Another question, What length of inner barrel. I'm going to order a 6.01 AEG barrel but I don't know what length
Mine is about 650 mm, maybe longer... (haven't been able to break out the calipers yet)
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